The Therapy Sisters

Therapy Sisters at Patsy'sHere’s a band that will get you smiling with their ‘funny cause its true’ songs! They have an on-going residency at Patsy’s every third Friday during 2016. I highly recommend you go see them on Feb 21st. You can stay tuned for more details of the event on their Facebook page.

Members: Lisa Rogers — guitar, ukulele & gumption
Maurine McLean — bass guitar & witticisms
SJ Williams — percussion, bass guitar & ingenuity
Arvis Green — flute, keyboard & sardonic sincerity

Members Emeritus: Gail Lewis — guitar & flute
Marilyn Rucker — keyboards & sax
Mary Reynolds — guitar & golden throat
Purly Gates — guitar, uke, accordion, harmonica, percussion, etc.

Genre: A little folk, swing, rockabilly, cowboy

Hometown: Austin, Texas