“Don’s Saturday Ride”

A few weeks ago we were sitting out side our new favorite go to coffee spot, Texas Coffee Traders, when an older man rolled up on his bike. I really didn’t notice this right away but he was wearing a pink helmet that matched his shirt and wheels. His friend rolled up right after him, shortly after that a small crew with sweet road bikes arrived as well. They all seemed so happy and sweaty ready to relax and enjoy some refreshments on the patio. After parking their bikes they began to gather chairs close together.

I know there are lots of social rides in Austin but I had a feeling this was one I had not heard of. We were about done with our drinks and said “here you can use this table, we were just about to head out” right then I felt compelled to ask for a photo and thought now’s my chance, so I asked. “Pink shirt” was walking inside, and they all yelled “DON! DON! come here, she wants a photo of us!” They where already sitting close together and made for a good shot. Don walked back inside for his coffee right after the photo. We got to chatting about this blog and they fill me in on how they ride from Dons  Auto Shop every Saturday.  One woman says “You should get a pic of Dons legs.”  Oh, really? “Ya his leg tattoos! Go ask him, he went inside…” So I went in not sure what to expect or how to ask him. When I saw the tattoos I was relieved because well look at them, they are something to see.


IMG_20160423_122516888_HDR IMG_20160423_122917863_HDR IMG_20160423_122855216_HDR

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